YA Fantasy Showdown


Photo courtesy frinki.com


"Graced" with survival - can survive almost anything.
Killed first person when she was eight
No qualms about killing, oh, just about anyone


Doesn't form any deep emotional connections
Has hang-ups with her uncle
Hermione Granger
Photo courtesy Warner Brothers


Knows more spells than most wizards alive
Unflinching courage
Very smart


Relies too much on booksmarts

How we think the fight might go...

Katsa looked at the girl in front of her. It didn’t seem fair. Although her grace was survival, not killing, she’d done a fair amount of killing in her time.

But she’d never killed a girl who was just standing there, holding a stick.

Hermione gripped her fingers around her slender wand. The problem wasn’t fighting. She had fought before. But killing? That was another matter.

“Let’s get this over with,” Katsa said.

Hermione nodded. “Let’s.”

And then Katsa was gone.

Hermione spun in a circle, looking through the trees for Katsa’s slim form. She couldn’t see her; logically, that meant she wasn’t there…Hermione gazed up.

Katsa’s mind was screaming at her. Her instinct told her to run, that this was a match she couldn’t win. She felt foolish hiding in a tree, but she couldn’t quell the part of her that felt this was an impossible fight.

On the ground, Hermione cast a shield spell on herself, then pointed her wand to the tree Katsa was hiding in. “Confringo!” she yelled, pointing at the tree. The tree blasted apart under Katsa. Katsa leapt from the branches.

Hiding wouldn’t work.

Katsa drew her sword and soared from the treetops straight toward Hermione. Hermione screamed and backed away; her shield charm worked against hexes and curses, but swords?

“Levicorpus!” Hermione shouted before Katsa could land her blow. As if yanked by her foot, Katsa jerked from soaring at her target to bobbing upside-down mid-air.

Katsa used the momentum to swing herself back and forth a few times before lunging at Hermione. Katsa was upside down, off centered, out of range, and disorientated, but she still had enough strength to lunge against the spell and slice
Hermione’s arm open with her blade.

The levicorpus spell broke with Hermione’s concentration, and Katsa crashed to the ground.

“Accio sword!” Hermione screamed through her pain. Katsa’s blade flew from her hands toward Hermione, who used her wand to send the blade deep into the forest, out of either of their grasps.

Katsa was no fool; every time Hermione spoke and wove her wand, something bad happened to her. So she either had to get the wand or stop Hermione’s mouth. Without her sword, she had only her knives, and she could construct a weapon, but this…this would require hands.

Hermione was distracted while trying to stem the flow of blood from her arm. Katsa lunged forward, smashing her fist against Hermione’s jaw. Katsa could feel the bones crunching beneath the force of her fist, and it was satisfying. She skidded to a halt, panting, and turned to Hermione in triumph. It would be easy to kill the girl now.

But Hermione was raising her wand, and there was a smile in her eyes. Of triumph.

And then Katsa felt her body stiffen, hard as a board, and crash against the ground. And then ropes surrounded her, binding her already petrified body.

Hermione pointed her wand at herself and thought, Episky. The bones of her jaw knit back together.

“Sorry,” Hermione told Katsa. “But I mastered nonverbal spells in my sixth year.”

Predicted winner: Hermione

Katsa is from Kristen Cashore's Graceling and Hermione Granger is from JK Rowling's Harry Potter series.


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