YA Fantasy Showdown


I know a lot of people were looking forward to a favorite character meeting up with a certain other character. Some were eliminated in the first round (quite a few characters I love didn't make it, either). So here's a fun idea.

You write the battle.

Yes, you heard me right. I mean, why not? These are just mock battles, and meant to be more entertaining than anything else. It's only one way of a thousand any of these match ups could turn out. So you be one of the other thousand.

Pair any character up against any other character. It doesn't matter where in the tournament they were. This is your battle. Write it up and send it to me at heatherzundel AT gmail [dot] com by Friday, August 20th and the first twenty (or how many I receive by then) will be added to a new page I will create, and readers can vote for the best alternate battle between Saturday (August 21st) through Monday (August 23rd).

Let the battle turn out how you wanted it to, with any two characters you want. Have fun! Which reminds me, I have some battles to get to myself...


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