YA Fantasy Showdown

You you've got the popcorn and your favorite chocolate-covered candy of choice? Good.

This came as a direct inspiration from Random House's Sci-fi/Fantasy blog, Suvudu, in the Suvudu Cage Matches. If you want any inclination of what is coming, head straight on over there.

While my inner geek screamed out in elation at these battles, I noticed something very wrong. There was not much love for the YA. Not one YA character made it past the first round. Except for Aslan, because he's kinda, you know, God. But the rest? That just didn't seem right. Not to mention the fact that I noticed several key characters MIA altogether (Sabriel or Valek, anyone?). Just like jelly without peanut butter or ComiCon without cosplayers, this was a situation that needed rectifying.

Then seeing it paired with the Hunger Games and Mockingjay was a match made in heaven. Thus the YA Fantasy Showdown was born.

There are 32 characters, all present and accounted for. That means sixteen battles. Half of them will not be making it to the next round (yes, you may shed tears for them. We will). BUT. It is up to you to vote on who moves on.

There will be a battle between these characters. Oh yes, an epic battle. There are stats, photos, and our own prediction of how the fight might play out - but hey, we've been wring before (stupid solar-powered torch).

A few rules that went into this: There is an equal number of male to female competitors. Because everyone can kick butt equally (if you don't think so, just go ask Katsa. I'm sure she could explain it to you). For that same reason, there are several people of different ethnicities, six to be precise. There is also only one character per series represented. So there you go. That's the basics. For more information and behind the scenes coverage, and secret insider scoop info type stuff, head over to my blog for all the juicy details. Everything hits the ground running on Tuesday. Can't wait to see you there!

-Heather Zundel