YA Fantasy Showdown

Percy Jackson



Son of Poseidon
Can control and breathe in water
Is healed by water
Owner of the celestial bronze sword Riptide
Can speak to horses and has a friend Pegasus
Helped defeated Kronos, father of the gods



Protecting people is his mortal weakness
Has an Achilles's heel (not on his heel)
Sandrilene Fa Toren (Circle of Magic, Tamora Pierce)


Thread mage
Can see magic
Can weave magic as if it were thread
Defeated the Empress of Namorn
Has three very powerful foster siblings who she would do anything for (this could possibly be a disadvantage)


Doesn’t like to kill
Is very proud
Afraid of the dark

How I think the fight might go…

Percy Jackson and Sandrilene fa Toren circled each other, wary. Neither particularly wanted to fight, but according to the YA Fantasy Showdown rules, they had to. Percy sighed. It didn’t seem right, attacking a girl with nothing more than a bit of string in her hands, but he wanted to get this over with.  He called a wave from a nearby lake, intending to completely douse his opponent. Her eyes widened when she saw the wall of water bearing down on her. She fumbled with her thread, quickly tying a complex knot. The wave collapsed in on itself, falling back into the water.

Now it was Percy’s turn to be surprised. How had she done that? She must be another half-blood. But string? Percy shook his head, no time to dwell on that now. He had to end this. He uncapped Riptide, its blade glittering in the August sun.

Sandry took a step backward when she saw the sword. This was something she had no experience with! She had to do something, fast.

Percy moved forward to attack, not intending to kill, just injure enough so the battle would be over. It was all the girl could do to dodge his first blow, but he knew the second would hit its mark. As he moved in, Percy suddenly found himself falling forward, the ground rushing towards him at an astounding speed. What was happening?

Sandry watched the threads in her opponent’s clothes wrap themselves around him, completely cocooning his entire body. She left his head free, though. She didn’t want to kill him, after all.

“What are you?” Percy choked out. The girl smiled without humor.

“Haven’t you ever heard of a thread mage?”


Predicted winner: Sandry