YA Fantasy Showdown

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"Graced" with survival - can survive almost anything.
Killed first person when she was eight
No qualms about killing, oh, just about anyone


Doesn't form any deep emotional connections
Has hang-ups with her uncle

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Tatoos (runes) draw abilities - fighting, speed, etc.
Very guarded - doesn't trust people
Has angel blood


Had a sucky childhood

How we think the fight might go...

Jace jumped back, cursing. That one had been too close. That girl’s face, Katsa, was a mask—a cold, calculating and beautiful mask that hid everything that was going on in her mind. Everything about her was fluid and fury, all contained in a stillness that was both terrifying and exhilarating.

He spun his sword once, relishing in the feel against his hands. He had drawn first blood, but she had given him plenty in return for that gift. His healing runes were barely keeping up, and they were running out.

He’d been surprised, honestly, when there’d been no reaction from her when his body began to stitch itself together on its own. Nothing. He wasn’t even sure she’d blinked. But there was also something strange about her…

She possessed a kind of magic of her own. Her eyes were sharper, clearer than any mortal’s should be after all the wounds she’d endured. Blood drained off her arm in streaks, the drops falling from her knuckles. She shook her head a couple of times, but other than that, she was ready to fight again. But she shouldn’t be standing. Honestly, she should be dead.

Jace flicked his fingers, gesturing her to come to him. She waited, ready where she was. He sighed to himself and came at her. She ducked under his blade. She shouldn’t have been able to. With his blood, his reflexes were supposed to be faster than anything she could react to. But his second swipe coming down didn’t miss.

He heard her hiss. Blood flowed from her shoulder. Then her two-tone eyes focused on him. The base of her palm hit his nose, knocking his head backward. Trying to take advantage of the distraction, he saw her sword going for his abdomen. He blocked it with his sword and almost knocked it out of her hands too. Without missing a beat, she twisted and struck low and hard at his kidneys.

He gasped, forcing himself past the pain.

“You’re not human, are you?” he asked.

“I’ve been called worse,” she said, then came at him again.

Their swords moved so fast it became like lightning itself. She dodged in impossible ways, but was cut just as much as he missed. His own body was hot, tired, and damp with sweat. Already his muscles were starting to seize up.

He went for a low, upward strike, and as he did, he grabbed a fistful of dirt and threw it in her face. She turned her head in time, making most of the effect useless, but some remnants still got in. She blinked and held her own, blocking each of his attacks as if by instinct. Inwardly, he whistled. Running up near a wall, he launched himself off of it, giving him greater height. If he could just angle his blade…

Katsa grabbed a throwing knife. It left her hand in a flash of silver striking the tendons just in his wrist. He dropped his sword. He hit the ground hard, rolling to pick up his up his blade and any other weapon that might be close by.

Katsa came after him. He blocked her blow aimed in an arc for his neck. The metal rang above him. He pulled the throwing knife from his wrist and sliced across her stomach. Blood welled across it. It was a deep wound. She sucked in a breath, almost gasping. It was nice to know she was human.

Thanks for the weapon, he thought. He rose. Her body was shaking in quiet convulsions. He could see it, though he knew he wasn’t doing too hot, either. He would need to get those healing runes on him soon.

Katsa spat. Blood came out of her mouth. He had to end it quickly, for both of their sakes. He came at her, feinting to the left while striking right. She saw through it. It happened in a flash. She blocked it with her sword, then shoved the tip down into his foot. Before he had a chance to scream, she moved behind him, struck his kidneys with both fists, slammed her elbow into his Adam’s apple, choking him, then twisted her body to his right and struck his temples and the back of his head, hard. He collapsed without a sound.

Predicted winner: Katsa

Katsa is from Kristin Cashore's Graceling and Jace is from Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments
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