YA Fantasy Showdown

Jace Wayland
Photo courtesy Simon and Schuster


Tatoos (runes) draw abilities - fighting, speed, healing, etc.
Very guarded - doesn't trust people
Has angel blood


Had a sucky childhood
Daniel Kalbi
Photo courtesy Egmont Publishing


He's a werewolf
Very strong and agile
Has known the unsavory side of life


Cannot change his shape at will

How we think the fight might go...

Jace wiped his hands on his jeans to get the demon ichor off of them. Another day, another demon. It was all getting rather monotonous. Was it so hard to ask for a challenge? A Downworlder that liked his violent nature a little too much. He would love to find one right now and kick its little (or, more preferably, big) demonic ass. That last demon, shifted into the shape of a human, had been too easy.

Daniel also wanted a challenge. And he saw one in the blonde boy across the street. He saw him murder that kid with his own eyes. There was nothing he wanted more than to rip him to shreds. It was the full moon, and blondie there was evil. This was what he was made for, his inner wolf told him. Killing the evil. He felt the full moon, in entirety, and soaked it in. He didn't hold back and try to deny it. He allowed himself to succumb to it. He shifted.

Jace glanced up and saw the change. He didn't have time to think before the wolf was on him. Luckily instinct is faster than thought and he'd had plenty of practice. They met each other at the same time, with claws and fists.

They were both fast, both strong. They were steel.

Jace slammed his fist around the wolf’s neck and threw him into the brick wall. The alley was deserted, save a few shrieking cats. The brick walls siding the alley wasn't very sturdy to begin with, but with the weight of the wolf hurtled against them, they cracked. Jace had made sure his runes were painted nice and thick on his skin tonight. He smiled devilishly.

Daniel in his form showed no tameness as he got up and turned to face the unnaturally strong blonde. One thing was certain. He was not mortal, not like humans. Jace gestured with his fingers, urging the animal toward him with a cocky grin. “Come here, little demon,” he taunted.

Daniel growled, a deep rumble that rippled through his muscles. Then, he attacked, his teeth bared toward the blonde's face. The strike was fast, blurring even. He shouldn't have missed. But Jace turned at the last second, and the wolf bit into his shoulder sinking his teeth in hard. Blood splashed the wall, speckling it with fur and ink.

Jace grimaced, but didn’t grab his shoulder. He knew the wolf had the advantage now, and he had to choose his moves carefully. Jace Wayland had found his challenge. He moved, quickly, dodging out of the way as the wolf made another attempt to bite him. Jace wasn’t about to become hamburger meat. He knew the demon wanted to kill more than his wolverine brain wanted to survive. And it was confident in its bite. He tried to ignore the throbbing in his shoulder as the blood flowed down his arm, making it sticky and slick. He grabbed the fur on the wolf’s back before it had time to turn. Using a clump of the beast’s hair to pull himself over its back, he landed gracefully at the wolf’s side.

Quicker than sight, he snapped its vertebrae. The wolf howled, louder than sound, a cry of death, and shook until he was human again.

Daniel lay there, screaming in pain. He was shaking, going into shock. He breathed in and out, in small, shallow gasps.

Jace watched the werewolf scream, knowing the lupines wouldn’t be happy about the kill. But this one had ignored the Accords in its attack, like it was looking for a fight.

“I hope you burn for this, demon,” the werewolf said. Jace laughed.

“You’re the demon, lupine. I’m the demon-slayer.” Jace pointed at the naked boy on the floor and then at himself, respectively.

“You killed a human. You’re as much a demon as I am. I at least try to atone for my sins,” the boy said, coughing up blood. He couldn’t move his back, but his eyes glared daggers into Jace.

“That wasn’t a human, idiot. Do you see his body anywhere? Did you not notice the ichor flowing from him instead of blood?” Jace’s eyes were blazing with chaos and fury, watching the very human-looking werewolf die by his hand.

And Jace understood. This werewolf, this demon, had been attempting demon-slaying, too. He was just a fool. And now he was a dead fool. By his hand.

Daniel’s eyes drooped as his breathing slowed. His voice was quiet and raspy when he said, “See you in Hell.” And his hearts, both the human and the wolf, stopped pumping blood.

The blood continued to flow down his arm in streaks, making him think of tears. This challenge he had wanted, this victory, was hollow.

Predicted winner: Jace

Jace is from Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments and Daniel is from Bree Despain's The Dark Divine.


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