YA Fantasy Showdown

Photo courtesy of Simon Pulse


Greatest wizard in Earthsea
A master of names and Old Speech
Wants to correct the wrongs he has created


Dedicated wholly to doing good
Edmund Pevensie
Photo courtesy of Disney


A great king of Narnia
Had a 180 change of heart
Overcame the White Witch


He likes Turkish Delight. Ew.

How we think the fight might go...


Ged and Edmund Pevensie looked at each other, not exactly sure what to do. 

“I am no fighter, not of good men,” Ged said at last.

“Nor I. I fought for evil only once, and that was long ago,” said Edmund, a bit of pain in his voice at the memory of the White Witch.

They watched each other from the distance between them.

“So…” Ged said, strumming his fingers on his staff, “do we have to fight?”

“I don’t know. Let’s check the rule book.” Out of their tunics and robes they each pulled a beaten, well-worn pocket guide in faded letters reading The Characters Handbook to Fighting, courtesy of the YA Fantasy Showdown. 

“Ah, it says it right here in paragraph 13. One winner and there must be a fight. Well, I guess that makes it pretty clear,” Edmund said, rolling the booklet back into his pocket. 

“You can always forfeit and let me move on,” Ged said.

“You can forfeit.” 

“Ah well.” They took their stances. Ged stood straight and still, as if listening. Edmund drew his sword, placing his feet at the ready. When Ged did nothing, Edmund charged, letting off a battle cry. The distance closed between them, but still Ged did nothing. Then Ged opened his eyes and smiled, a little mischievous, and a little sad.

He spoke the name of the wind and water. The force of the tornado was too strong. Edmund was picked up by it and carried away.

Ged leaned down and picked up a broach that had been ripped from the king’s cloak. 

“It was a light wind. I hope you will land without too much harm. Go rule your land in peace,” he said, walking toward the far distant hills. 

Predicted Winner: Ged.

Ged is from Ursula LeGuin's Earthsea series and Edmund Pevensie is from C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia
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