YA Fantasy Showdown

Percy Jackson
Katniss Everdeen

Katniss ran as fast as possible. She was being followed by a boy who could bend water to his will. No matter how high the tree was the water could find her. She had to think up a new plan. She thought if she could find a dry place, then surely she could defeat the boy. She kept running until she found a a wide open space. She was afraid. She never exposes herself, but this was the driest, rockiest place she could find. She grabbed her knife waiting for him to attack. Just then she saw him. The last drops of water fell off him. "Do you think you have defeated me?" he said a grin on his face. "There is no water here and with this knife you will be...." Just then something covered her face. She desperately gasped for air, but she was drowning. At the last second she realized. He had used her own sweat to cover her mouth and nose, causing her to die.

Predicted winner: Percy