YA Fantasy Showdown

Katniss Everdeen
Thomas (Maze Runner)

Katniss woke up in a narrow passage.  Green, thick ivy covered the walls.  Another hall branched off from this one.  She slowly stood up and walked to the adjoining passage as a boy around her age wearing strange clothes ran past.  Suddenly, the boy stopped.  Katniss walked out to a few feet from where the boy stood.

"Hello."  he said as he stared at her.  "Usually our new arrivals show up in the Glade.  And to think, another girl."

Katniss stared blankly at the strange boy..

"Sorry.  I'm Thomas.  Do you mind me asking you your name?  Its probably all that you remember."  Thomas walked forward and raised his hand to the girl.

"My name is Katniss Everdeen.  Where am I?"  She took the boy's hand and shook it.

"This is the maze.  Thats pretty much all we know about this place.  I'm a runner.  We try to find a way out of the maze everyday.  I guess i should take you to the Glade."  The boy turned and started to run down a path.  Katniss started to sprint after the boy.  They ran for a few minutes before the boy stopped quickly infront of a path.  "We need to take a different route.  Theres a griever down this way."  The boy backed up and turned around to see Katniss raising an arrow, aiming it at his chest.

"This is part of the Capitol's plan, isnt it?  Place me in another arena and try to trick me into following some boy.  How stupid do you think i am?"

"What?  I dont know what you're talking about!  What's the Capitol?  We arent against you!  We are all trying to escape!"  Not taking a chance with this girl, Thomas took off down the path with the griever.  At least they were slow.  She wouldnt know how to deal with them though.  He ran past the griever and looked past his shoulder.

The girl had an arrow notched in the bow from her back.  Before she could shoot, he darted down a path to the left.  He kept running, but soon he could hear Katniss catching up.  How could she run so fast he wondered?  An arrow flew past his right arm.  He took a series of turns at every path he came upon, hoping to confuse her.  Soon, it seemed as if she was gone .  He wasnt taking any chances though.  He gripped the ivy of the wall and began to climb.

It seemed like he was up in the ivy for hours, but it was in fact minutes before he heard the girl rushing down this path.  He hid himself under more ivy as he heard the girl run past.  He listened, then descended from the wall when he could no longer hear her running.  He went back in the direction he had come from and began making his way back towards the Glade.

Soon, he rounded a corner only to come face to face with Katniss.  He let out a scream and took off running into another passage.  He could either get to the Glade where they could restrain this girl, or he could lose her, or he could send her down the griever hole.  This girl was not going go down easily.  Not wanting to hurt her, he decided he would go to the glade.

Farther down the path, Thomas noticed the light was fading.  If he didnt get back to the Glade before dark, he'd be stuck.  He'd get killed by this girl, or by the grievers.  He picked up his speed.  He was a few turns away from the Glade entrance when an  arrow lodged itself in his leg.  He stumbled and fell forward.  There was no way he would make it now.

And then the girl was upon him.  She glanced at him once before releasing the arrow she had aimed at his throat.

She muttered a "sorry" as she walked away from the boys body.  Strange, she had yet to meet another tribute besides Thomas.  She began to wonder if the boy had been telling the truth as a loud grinding sound started from somewhere close by.

Predicted winner: Katniss