YA Fantasy Showdown

Katniss Everdeen
Percy Jackson

Katniss breathes silently in the trees. She glances cautiously around her, and drew her arrow back waiting for his mistake.

Percy stands 10 feet from the river trying to spot where that girl went. He finally spots her in the trees staring down at him intently with a bow and arrow in hand. His heart skipped a beat.

“Uh oh,” she thinks, “he’s spotted me.” But Katniss quickly changes her mind when she sees his expression. His face was is full of wonder and awe. Maybe he won’t be as skilled as they say he is.

“Percy,” he says to himself, “you can’t get distracted.”

Katniss slips silently to the ground. Her bow and arrow ready. Percy senses her presence and deflects the oncoming arrow with Riptide. He stares at her for a moment regretting what he is about to do. Percy calls up the river and charges forward with Riptide in hand.

Katniss already had another arrow aimed, but Percy didn’t seem to notice. He kept on pursuing forward with a regretful look on his face.

At the last second Percy froze. He then realized that Riptide wouldn’t hurt Katniss. Even though Percy was frozen Riptide was thrust out of his hand. It was hurtling towards Katniss’ stomach.

Katniss released her arrow just as Riptide sunk into her. She collapsed.

Percy just noticed the arrow, but it was too late, it had already struck him. Percy also realized that Katniss was a half-blood too. He tore through his pocket, got some ambrosia, and then he gave some to Katniss and himself. He then lay in the river to heal.

Two days later, Katniss wakes up still dazed. She spots Percy floating face down in the river. She vaguely remembers Percy helping her, so she moves cautiously towards him.

He awakes to find Katniss standing over him. He immediately falls in love with her. They run off happily together. Little does he know, Katniss is planning an evil plot against him.

Predicted Winner: Katniss