YA Fantasy Showdown

Howl Jenkins/Pendragon

“So, this is your sacred mountain, is it?” Eugenides span around. Facing him was a man in an absurd
blue and silver suit which looked as though it had been sewn together from several tiny triangles.

“Yes, this is the Sacred Mountain of Eddis. How did you get here? There is no-one left in Eddis except
myself and the royal guard. And they’re keeping everybody out. Where is your transportation?”

“No chance you’d believe I came here by mistake? Delivered here by some strange people with an
absurd idea that we should destroy one another?”

Eugenides thought over the strange series of fights he’d had recently. And none of the people had
acted as if they belonged in any country he knew of –

“No chance.”

“Fair enough.” He clapped his hands, and behind him there appeared a huge castle. Well, he
assumed it was a castle, as he could spy at least three turrets, it was big and there was a door.

But it had legs.

“Nice, isn’t it?” said the man, and Eugenides, over his first surprise turned back to him. He bowed.

“Eugenides Attolis, Annux over Sounis, Eddis and Attolia.

“Howl Pendragon, High Wizard of Ingary.”

“I win already, I am King of three countries, while you are the King’s pet.”

“Excuse me, I thought I wasn’t brought here to fight you?” The Great King shook his head to clear
it. “Dare I ask why the country is empty?” Eugenides pointed at the peak of the mountainside they
were standing on.

“The peak is smoking. The Queen of Eddis and I are deadly afraid it will explode. No, we know it
will explode, and a river of fire will rush through Eddis. We are afraid it will happen soon.” And he
sounded afraid.

“Really?” Howl Pendragon turned to his hulking rubbish heap of a castle and called out to it, “Alright,
Calcifer, do it!”

The top of the mountain exploded. A river of fire rushed down the mountain, directly towards the
pair of them. Eugenides stared, open-mouthed, terrified.

Howl hit him on the head, looked at the lava flow, and picked him up before running to the castle.
The door flew open before he reached it, and he threw both of them inside.


The castle flew out of the reach of the volcanic eruption. The wizard of Ingary picked himself up
and leaving the King unceremoniously at the foot of the stairs, climbed them. He stared into the
grate, where a small fire was wearing a look of immense concentration. “Good job, Calcifer. Will the
eruption hurt anyone?”

“You two were the only ones in the way, I blasted away a certain part of the plug and it’s just going
to ooze.”

“Good job, Calcifer”

The small fire managed to look very smug.

Predicted winner: Howl


“Really?” Howl Pendragon turned to his hulking rubbish heap of a castle and called out to it, “Al–”
and slumped.

Gen caught the strange, stupid man who thought he could turn his back on an enemy who had
steel at the end of his arm. He threw the unconscious body into the castle and walked down the

Predicted Winner: Eugenides