YA Fantasy Showdown

Katniss Everdeen

Katsa whipped around to the sharp crack of a brittle branch snapping behind her.  A shadow darted through the dense dark trees. The sharp cry of a bird caught her attention as the unfamiliar creature soared above her. “Odd” she thought “Looks like a jay, but... not.”  The creature was obviously startled by her as well, and a shrill screech of pain rang out as it zoomed into a large fence. An electric pop filled the air, and the smell of smoke and burnt feathers charged the atmosphere.

A gasp echoed from the woods, Katniss had rarely seen mockingjays. Only in the video of District 13, and during her second Hunger Games. She shuddered at the thought. “Why did I come back to these woods? “The question rang loud and clear through her head. But, deep down she knew the answer. She was looking for others, survivors from District 12. Gale had told her there was nobody left, and nothing left. And yet... The fence remained. “Peculiar-” But she was knocked away from her thoughts when she looked up.

Katsa was inwardly grinning to herself, her sneaky friend had given away her position, and now Katsa was able to train her eyes on its shadowy figure. Human in appearance, but after that... Howl thing she was weary. Taking in all she could Katsa noticed that the silhouette had a lump on it’s back, and an object in it’s hand. Cursing Katsa realized they were weapons, and arrows at that. Her competition could attack without ever coming close enough for Katsa’s throwing knife.

That face. Something was wrong with it, the eyes. Amazed, Katniss found herself staring. One eye a deep sea blue, the other a creamy green. But soon dread took over her amazement, the Capitol had sent this. This... thing. It was not human, it was not of the Districts, it was a creation of the Capitol. Fear ran icily through her veins. She slowly selected a arrow from her quiver, and silently taught her bow. She released-

Ducking Katsa hit the ground and rolled to the side, now she had the tree in between her and the shooter. She crept silently to the tall barrier, and facing the thick trunk. Never taking her eyes off of the tree, Katsa reached for a throwing knife. At this distance she would need but one. She felt around for the sheath, her hand settled on the cool leather, inching her fingers upward Katsa grabbed for the knife, and locked her fingers around--nothing. Her hand held nothing but the forest air. Glancing back, Katsa realized she dropped the knife in the center of the clearing.

Shocked Katniss readied another arrow, and began to walk back wards. Inching away from the dreaded fabrication of the Capitol. She would not give in, she would not back down. She had worked too hard to get this far to quit no-


“No.”  Horror washed over her. Why had Gale come? Why?

Puzzled Katsa glanced up to see a boy, standing across the clearing from her.  He was a few years younger than she was, but built strong, and feisty.

“Who are you? Where is Katniss? What have you done to her?”

Before she could answer, the figure she had been about to destroy appeared next to him.

“Gale-” Katniss started. But Katsa was already on her feet. Moving towards them with incredible speed. In a flash Katsa had the boy, the one that was called Gale.

“Wait!” The plead echoed, and all went silent. Slowly, the girl walked to the center of the clearing, and picked up Katsa’s knife.

Katsa’s face hardened, upset that the girl now held all the weapons.

But, slowly-her eyes never leaving Katsa's -the girl put all the knife down in front of Katsa. Stepping back she said,

“Now, let Gale go. And we give the Capitol that fight.”

Katsa was about to ask who the Capitol was. But Katniss was already releasing a bow. Katsa stepped to the side, fast enough, releasing her hold on the boy. He stumbled backwards, arms flailing, he leaned back and his hand crashed into the fence. His scream filled the air, as he clutched his charred hand, and fainted.

Rage filled Katniss, and she released arrow after arrow at Katsa. Narrowly missing each time. Katsa was too busy dodging to attack.

The fight raged on without pause, except for the occasional moans from Gale. He was coming back, regaining his consciousness. They were both fully engaged in their battle, nether of them were paying enough attention to realize that Gale was soon fully awake and on his feet.

With a ringing cry Katniss loosed her last arrow, Katsa jumped above it. She landed without a sound, grinning. She was still holding onto her knife. Katniss froze in a ready position. Katsa threw, aiming low, so that it would pierce the girl’s heart when she ducked.

A figure ran in front of Katniss as she ducked, the knife sinking into his heart. He dropped to the ground.

“YOU!” Katniss screamed. “This is YOUR fault. YOU!” She ran at Katsa, and Katsa ran at her, hands out stretched. She caught the hysterical girl by the shoulders, and with the palm of her hand hit the back of her skull. Knocking her out, but not killing her.

“I’m so sorry about your friend. Never in all the seven kingdoms, have I seen an archer as good as you, good luck with your... Capitol. I will be gone when you wake.”

And with that, she walked away.

Predicted winner: Katsa