YA Fantasy Showdown

Christopher Chant
Howl Jenkins

The epic battle between Howl Jenkins and Christopher Chant
(or how I think it will go)

Howl Jenkins walked elegantly through a large field filled with tangles of over-grown grass and what may have once been corn husks. The ground was littered with debris from the chain of storms that had just passed the area. A single tree stood in the center of the field, cracked down the center from lightning. The bark continued smoking, even though it had been struck many days before.

Howl stopped in front of the blackened tree, his blond hair and brightly colored jacket sleeves swaying gently in the breeze. Reaching out a delicately ringed hand, Howl touched the bark. The dead back cracked and twisted under his hand. A small smile formed on his lips and his hair moved back from an invisible breeze that only comes with the use of strong magic.

This is what the well-known wizard had been looking for. Underneath, lay a strong form of magic that Calicfer had noticed days before. Just as the bark unlocked and started opening, the wind started to swirl behind him. Moving to look behind him, Howl watched with idle curiosity as a strong magic moved the wind. His hair and jacket started flapping wildly and he used a bit of magic to smooth them out as the wind died down. In front of him stood a man with dark hair and a vague expression. He wore a perfectly clean dress gown and he didn't have a single hair out of place. Howl could appreciate someone who kept themselves looking pristine.

Smoothing out wrinkles that didn't exist, the man looked around, his vague expression never changing. Then he looked to Howl. The man decided to speak first. “So this is where it is hidden,” he said, his eyes wandering a bit around the clearing. Howl smiled at him, putting on an air of charm. He thought of how Sophie always scolded him for trying to use magic to persuade people. The man blinked and looked at Howl, as if just realizing he was there. “Oh, hello,” he said, “I must ask that you leave the area. I need to conduct some business here alone.” Howl cocked his head to the side a bit. “You must not recognize me,” he said, a brilliant smile lighting up his face. “Have you heard of the Wizard Howl? How about Pendragon? Maybe Jenkins?” The man just stared at him vaguely It started to irritate Howl just slightly. Then the man slowly nodded. “I have heard of Wizard Howl,” he said slowly.

Howl beamed at being recognized. “Well, then you must know that it is you how should be leaving,” he said, still smiling. The man shook his head. “I'm sorry to say that you must leave,” he said, looking truly sorry. Howl was a bit taken aback. He stood squarely in front of the tree. “Sophie will be very upset if I don't come back with the dragon's blood,” he informed him. “Have you heard of the Chrestomanci?” the man asked. Howl thought for a moment. He had heard of it once, but he wasn't sure what it was exactly. “I've heard of it,” he replied. The man shook his head. “Not an it, but a he,” he said. “Myself, to be exact.”

The Chrestomanci then frowned apologetically. Then he started walking toward the tree. Howl flicked his hand at him, like you do to a bug. Chrestomanci kept walking, not bothered. Howl's brow furrowed. He did it again, and nothing happened. Then he remembered how the man had been fixing his clothes. If he were anything like Howl, that was where to attack him. He made another movement and dirt smeared all over his clothes. That at least got his attention.

“I can't let you take my dragon's blood,” he said pleasantly. The dirt was disappearing, but Howl had expected that. “Your dragon's blood?” the Chrestomanci asked. Howl nodded. “Charged with electricity?” the man asked. Again, Howl nodded. “Again, I apologize,” he said politely. “Dragon's blood is illegal and charging it is a highly dangerous thing to do. You are suspended from using magic until further notice.” Howl's eyes widened. He couldn't take his magic, could he? With a simple motion, the man held a silvery ball in front of him. A jar appeared and he put the orb into said jar. Then it disappeared “Howl Jenkins,” he proclaimed. “You will receive your magic when deemed safe. You have charged dragon's blood illegally and have been known to commit other illegal and dangerous acts.”

Howl's eyes widened as he felt his hair change color. He looked down to see small specks of dirt on his shoes. He held his hand in front of his face for a moment. When nothing happened, anger took him over. The Chrestomanci had turned and was walking toward the tree. Howl dropped to the ground, forgetting that he could actually get dirty now, and stared at him, hatred and depression in his eyes. He didn't dare argue, now that he saw how strong this man was.

Christopher got the dragon's blood and carefully put it away in an unseen pocket. He turned to Howl. “You will receive a letter in the mail when you get back to your home,” he said. “It will have a date in which you will meet in front of me and the dictator for this world. I have taken the liberty to call your home to you. It should be here momentarily.” With that, Christopher disappeared, leaving Howl with plenty of research to do on the Chrestomanci.


Predicted winner: Christopher Chant