YA Fantasy Showdown

Edward Cullen
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Super strong
Super fast
Skin like granite
Can read people's minds


Forms unhealthy emotional attachments
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"Graced" with survival - can survive almost anything.
Killed first person when she was eight
No qualms about killing, oh, just about anyone


Doesn't form any deep emotional connections
Has hang-ups with her uncle

How we think the fight might go...

Katsa looked around her cooly. It was chilly and overcast, lending a gray overlay to
the damp landscape. Tall evergreens soared into the sky, but in front of her was a small
meadow, bordered on all sides by trees and sprinkled with daisies.

On the other edge of the meadow was a man, tall, with chiseled muscled just outlined
through his shirt. Katsa evaluated him intensely, even though he gave her nothing but a
dismissive glance. His jawline was rigid; he seemed on edge. He looked stronger than
her, much stronger, and she was sure she couldn't take him one-on-one.

"Where am I?" Katsa asked.

"Forks, Washington," the young man said, his voice as cold as the weather.

Katsa gazed around her once more. Forks? "I don't know where that is," she said. "I was
crossing the mountain range to meet Bitterblue..." She trailed off. She wasn't going to
give away her plans to this man.

"What?" the man looked back at her, distracted as he looked back into the forest behind

"Who are you?" Katsa demanded.

The man narrowed his eyes. "Edward. Who are you?"

"I'm a Graceling. Katsa." She said it as if the name held weight, but Edward didn't seem
to realize whatever importance her name bore. He did, however, notice that her eyes were
two different colors. Interesting.

Katsa, who always noticed eyes, saw that Edward's were both the same color--an ambery-
golden color.

"I have not heard of this Graceling before," Edward said warily. His attention was now
on Katsa. "Is it a tribe of werewolves?"

"Ha!" Katsa barked. "No. Just someone with...talent. Mine's survival. Or killing. Depends
on which way you look at it."

Edward looked back over his shoulder towards the woods one more time, then turned his
full attention to Katsa. "You need survival around here. You should go. These are my
woods, my clearing. You're not welcome here."

Katsa narrowed her two-toned eyes. "That's what the other girl said."

"What other girl?" Edward's voice was razor sharp.

Katsa shrugged. "She was in the woods. Coming here, I assume."

Edward's eyes narrowed and his voice grew harsh. "You didn't touch her."

Katsa wasn't sure if it was a question or not, but she didn't care. Before she could move,
the man had moved across the meadow. He leaned over her, mere inches from her face.

"You didn't touch her," he said. His voice was cold--as was his skin.

"What are you?" Katsa asked. "Men don't move that quickly."

"You know what I am," Edward said. "Say it."

"Don't know. Don't care," Katsa said, thrusting her wrist up into his solar plexus. Edward
staggered back from the force. Katsa staggered, too-hitting him was like hitting solid

Katsa crouched down, ready for a kick if he struck high; a punch if he rushed her.
Edward stood, still like a beast sniffing the air. "I can't read your mind. Why can't I read
your mind?"

Katsa used his distraction to strike again; a high kick that caught him in nearly the
same spot as her first punch. Edward was winded, but used his super-speed to get out of
striking distance. Katsa didn't let down her guard; she crouched, her eyes darting.

"I should be able to read your mind!" Edward screamed at her. "What are you?"

"A Graceling," Katsa answered calmly. "And how can you read my mind when I am
thinking of several things at once?"

Edward concentrated. Images and thoughts flashed into his mind--Katsa kicking, punching, slicing him with a sword, countering all attacks. Her mind whizzed through every possibility; no wonder he couldn't "hear" her thoughts--she was prepared for anything.

Edward stared at her cooly. "You have no idea what you're up against," he said. Katsa drew her sword, but she had not forgotten how hard the man's skin was.

Edward ran at her with his super-speed, and in her haste to scramble back, Katsa tripped
and fell. A sharp rock slit the skin on her palm, and Katsa shifted her grip on her sword.

Edward, though, was entirely motionless. He sniffed the air again, and Katsa was once
more reminded of how animal-like the behavior was. His eyes seemed tinged with red. Without thinking, she slung her cut hand, spraying the area with blood. While he was distracted by the smell, she sprinted to the edge of the clearing and raced up a tree. From her vantage, she could see a cliff. Leaping from limb to limb, Katsa made sure to leave just enough of a blood trail for Edward to follow her to the cliff's edge... where she had already found and caught the girl who called herself Bella. Judging from Edward's reaction to her, Katsa only had to throw one off the cliff for the other to follow...

Predicted winner: Katsa

Edward Cullen is from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga and Katsa is from Kristen Cashore's Graceling.
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